What is Reputation Marketing, and Why Is It Important?

What Is Reputation Marketing?

Though the word reputation marketing is used synonymously with online reputation management (ORM), they do not mean the same thing. One must be aware of the distinction between both, especially as a company executive, so here’s a more precise definition:

Positive brand content such as customer reviews are made more prominent through reputation marketing. Reputation marketing uses traditional as well as digital marketing channels to increase sales. The purpose of reputation marketing is not to get rid of unrelated content on your Google search engine result. Instead, reputation marketing helps to create a positive brand image. Considering that your initiatives for marketing will cause customers to use Google to investigate your brand, the material on your page should be more favorable on the first page for viewers to discover

Comparing Reputation Marketing and Credibility Management

Reputation management services use SEO, content innovation, social media, and PR to show favorable search results for people and businesses. These methods inherently strengthen a company’s online existence to suppress opposing search results. Consequently, search engines display your company’s best content.

Reputation marketing services can turn your content into engaging campaigns once you earn promising media mentions and favorable online reviews.

How Online Evaluations Drive Reputation Marketing Strategies

Client feedback is crucial for both companies and future customers. Clients put tremendous faith in input from individuals on review sites. Unfortunately, some abuse the system and attempt to take advantage.

This comes down to poor news for companies that have 1-star reviews. Many reputation management statistics reveal that unfavorable remarks and low star ratings steer possible clients away — and directors agree.

Looking at it differently: Online review sites can be an effective marketing instrument when included with good consumer reviews. Why?

Excellent reviews enhance conversions throughout your whole marketing funnel:

  • Awareness: Future clients discover your company through review sites.
  • Interest: Individuals start to explore your company to know more through consumer reviews.
  • Consideration: Customers consider your products/services vs. your opponents to glimpse what worked for others looking for similar outcomes and what did not.

Client reviews laboriously impact a brand’s reputation and purchasing decisions.

Addressing Unfavorable Reviews

Review sites rank remarkably for branded queries. Therefore, if you hold poor online reviews, possible consumers may notice. In most circumstances, one cannot delete bad reviews unless you provide enough proof that they disobey user guidelines. Even worse, websites like Ripoff Report will not delete poor reviews even if you have evidence to prove they are fake.

Acquiring Favorable Reviews

When you have your unfavorable reviews under control, you have to accumulate additional reviews that your marketing team can use for promotional content. Fortunately, there are numerous methods to gain favorable reviews. You can use in-store statement cards, online feedback, social media impressions, online surveys, and review websites like:

  • Google business reviews
  • TripAdvisor
  • Yelp
  • Facebook

Small business owners know that favorable reviews are essential, but they infrequently request satisfied buyers for feedback. Since most individuals compose reviews when they’re dissatisfied, a company may not get equal opinions if they don’t vigorously demand feedback. It can take approximately 10x as many satisfactory reviews to counteract one poor review.

Online Reputation Marketing Goes Beyond Customer Reviews

Most companies focus on client reviews because they are a quick and straightforward way to display social proof. They are also a good way to reduce reputational threat. However, the finest review management organizations think farther than just customer feedback.

Staff Member Reviews

For instance, do your staff members love their tasks? One way to find out is to administer surveys to see how people feel about working for you.

If they’re dissatisfied, resolve their concerns to enhance employee spirits. Then, look for feedback on employee evaluation sites, such as Glassdoor or Indeed. Furthermore, you should get authorized as a “Great Place to Work.” Doing so will provide your reputation marketing company with suitable material to promote.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Reports surrounding “brands that care” achieve great positive press. Therefore, if you need to cache positive pieces, speak about the good your business does. Here are some reliable CSR instances you may currently be doing but not promoting.

For example, did you transform your workplace to utilize more effective lighting or less paper? Say you made a commitment to working with veterans or any volunteers within your regional community. Environmental and social stewardship are effective reputation marketing measures that should not be disregarded.

The Power of Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth marketing is still powerful and surely has progressed over time. The typical customer’s voice hushes marketing with a trusty megaphone that brands cannot compete with commercial campaigns. Brands often can’t match commercial campaigns when the average customer’s voice drowns out the advertising.

In the end, investing in review management and online reputation management will help make your reputation marketing more successful. Without a concrete basis, your marketing strategy won’t flourish. Make sure to reach out to our reputation marketing experts so we can start building your digital fortress today!

Contact our marketing experts to see how we can assist in enhancing your reputation marketing!

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