What Is Appointment Reminder Text Messaging?

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Do you wish to save yourself thousands of dollars a year and increase client satisfaction? Missed appointments are not just a problem —- they’re a drag on your bottom line. They cost the US healthcare system $150B each year. And the concern of no-shows isn’t special to the healthcare market.

Let’s say you run a hair salon and have eight no-shows a week: if your average income per consumer is $46, that’s $288 each week. That translates to $1,152 a month, which ends up costing $14,688 each year.

Thankfully, appointment reminder text messaging continues to decrease the number of individuals missing appointments. It’s not just businesses’ profits that benefit either, it’s also helping the customer.

While it’s unlikely you’ll prevent each and every single cancellation, over 37% of patients in the healthcare market and 62% of customers in the beauty industry said that they did not show up for their appointments because they forgot.

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With 98% open rates, text exceeds phone and email reminders by a large margin. When you combine this with clients’ preference for text, it’s not a difficult decision to implement this system.

What Is a Text Appointment Reminder?

An appointment reminder text is an SMS message that is sent on behalf of an organization to advise a consumer about an approaching appointment.

This consists of appointment reminder texts for medical professionals, car service visits, beauty parlor appointments, and more. The main goal of a text message appointment reminder is to remind a customer about an upcoming visit with your company or organization.

Because of this narrow focus, most text messages are brief and consist of the day and time of the visit or a link to more information about the consultation.

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While some services call customers to advise them of their appointments, text messaging has actually emerged as the favored channel for this sort of communication.

Appointment Reminders for Service

Businesses that utilize text messaging can send out texts to customers a few days– and even hours– in advance of their scheduled appointment. This helps reduce the number of missed appointments and makes it possible for customers to contact the business if they need to cancel and change their appointment time. Yelp, the crowd-sourced service review site, sends out texts to users who’ve made restaurant bookings through its app, permitting them to validate or change their bookings via SMS.

When Arkansas Children’s Hospital schedules a visit, they ask clients to decide into SMS or voice pointers at the time of scheduling. In this method, ACH can send out tips of visits, which can be confirmed or changed through text. By connecting directly with customers, this two-way interaction enables services to reduce no-shows and increase customer interactions.

Text Message Appointment Reminder Samples

If you are struggling to think of text appointment reminder examples, here is a list of a couple of samples for inspiration.

  • Dear [client’s name], this is from [company name] to remind you of your appointment on [date] from [time] till [time]. In case you need to reschedule the appointment, please contact us at [company phone number].
  • Hi [client’s name], this is a reminder for your appointment on [date/time]. Reply “Y” to confirm, “N” to cancel or STOP to quit.
  • Hello [client’s name], just a reminder that your appointment is today at [time]. Please let us know if you can’t make it – [phone number].

Medical Appointment Reminder Samples

The healthcare industry is one of the most prominent users of appointment reminder text messaging. The reason is simple. Medical institutions lose a lot of money and resources because of patients who do not show up.

Doctors’ time is simply too valuable to be wasted because a patient forgot about his or her appointment. SMS is affordable and is effective at reminding patients to come for their visits, so it is no wonder why the healthcare industry commonly uses this channel to remind patients of their appointments.

Medical Appointment Text Samples

Here are a few samples of text message appointment reminders for the healthcare industry.

  • Don’t forget your appointment with Dr. Smith on [date/time] at our office location. Please reply Y to Confirm or N to Cancel.
  • Just a friendly reminder about your appointment with Dr. Inyang. Your appointment is [date/time/place]. We appreciate your time and look forward to seeing you then!

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