The Benefits of Using SMS Communications in a Marketing Strategy

Why SMS communication should be included in your customer communication strategy

As more companies desire to target busy customers, SMS communications has progressively become a vital part of a strong multi-channel marketing strategy. However, few digital marketing companies actually using SMS as a part of their core strategy. Therefore, the majority of businesses are missing out on communications with their customers and increased ROI.

Organizations are under the false impression that mobile marketing requires large money and time investments and that it lacks strong analysis to support ROI. In actuality, however, mobile interactions are much easier to implement than generally perceived. Thus, reaching mobile customers (smart device and non-smartphone) can be as simple as sending out a customized, targeted text message.

In this post, we will discuss the benefits of utilizing SMS communications in your marketing strategy. We will also look at how it can be used as part of a multi-channel technique for engaging with customers.

1. It’s a direct, immediate channel

SMS is among the best direct communication channels for businesses to use. Recipients read 97% of messages within 15 minutes of delivery. This statistic indicates that as a business owner, you can be confident that recipients will read your text message marketing content almost immediately after you send it. Further, 45% of SMS campaigns generate a significant ROI, and this figure reaches over 50% when SMS is integrated with other key marketing channels such as social media and email.

2. You can utilize shortcodes to construct your database

With SMS communications, you can easily build your consumer database by adding a shortcode or keyword to print security, advertisements, marketing boards, and social media. Therefore, this method helps consumers to quickly learn more about your brand and makes them more likely to connect and respond.

3. SMS communications can support and be incorporated in other channels

It’s vital that all channels seamlessly fit within a business’s marketing strategy and SMS is no exception. SMS not only is a fantastic standalone channel but also has the capability to enhance other marketing mediums like email and social media. Thus, SMS communications can serve as a reminder to consumers to check out an email sent out by your business. An easy follow up SMS asking, “have you read our e-mail?”can increase email open rates by up to 20% – 30%.

4. You can discover more about your consumers

SMS is a simple way to receive feedback from your consumers through surveys. Research indicates that 31% of consumers will respond to a survey via SMS in just over 5 minutes, which shows how you can get fantastic results in a brief period of time.

5. You can increase customer engagement

SMS communications can improve how your brand engages with your consumers throughout the whole consumer lifecycle. In order to do this, businesses must remember to differ the kind of material they send out. Even though consumers may value updates and news on upcoming advancements within the brand, this detail is best provided through email where longer, more innovative messaging is more appropriate. Brands should use texting for more instant, predicted sales-related offers such as vouchers, discount rates, promotions or perhaps birthday messages.

Also, don’t be concerned if you are worried that text marketing may intrude upon the lives of your customers. The majority of consumers know about SMS communications from services like their dentists, garages, hair stylists, or public services like the NHS.


6. Response data enables you to keep an eye on, track, and improve performance

SMS communications help you to track your ROI by identifying customers that engage with your business through text. The misconception that SMS is an untraceable channel is untrue, as SMS analytics help businesses to understand their customers better every day.

In addition, SMS analytics help businesses to develop targeted projects and to gain a better understanding of their mobile database. This helps a firms to conserve cash and enhance its ROI by segmenting out customers that are unlikely to respond. As a result, businesses can target customers that engage with SMS effectively through its mobile marketing strategy.  

In conclusion, all businesses should use SMS communications to enhance their mobile marketing strategy. SMS helps to improve a business’s ROI and is a unique and engaging B2C channel. If you would like help with your SMS communications, look through our website and consider reaching out to us to learn more!

Contact our marketing experts to see how we can assist in enhancing your SMS communications!

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