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Start Targeting The Right Customers

Targeting and reaching the highest amount of people with the most propensity to buy your product or services is a must. Partna Digital Local Ads combines both location data and online data to target your ideal audience. We then deliver your ad message via  display banner and video ads channel, social media, paid search, and connected TV / OTT. Your audience is then re-marketed across multiple platforms influencing the desired outcome. From Audience research to ads build out and deployment we do it all for you so you can focus on running your business.

Get Started Performing In-dept Business Visibility Analysis

In your report you’ll see how your business is performing against competition and where to improve.  Partna Digital DFY LocaAds uses data to target single, addressable audience across multiple platforms. Audience is defined by data, online and physical behaviors and is not restricted or limitated to one particular platform. Partna Digital LocalAds delivers messages WHEREVER and WHENEVER the audience is active online, to tracks both ONLINE and OFFLINE outcomes, and then optimizes outcomes based on highest areas of success. SEE SAMPLE VISIBILITY REPORT HERE


how it Works

Our system is deployed by taking advantage of your current business performance as seen in your visibility report. After signing up and fulfilling your order, You will receive an email with campaign build-out request form. Fill the campaign build out form, carefully ensure the information you provide is accurate and up to date we don’t want to send your leads to a wrong address. Login to your Partna business app account dashboard select local ads in your account dashboard, to preview your assets see activities and matrices. Then kick back and see your ads performance in real time in your advertising intelligence app dashboard. Your ROI will speak for itself.

Result Driven Campaigns Objectives

Targeted Brand Awareness

Ads campaign that focus on building awareness, brand recognition and top of funnel leads generation.

Drive Foot Traffic

Focus on driving customers into your physical store, place of business, or outdoor event.

Targeted Calls & Tracking

Focus on driving phone calls from customers to your business. Calls can be recorded and played back for training and sales purposes.

Online Conversions

Your ads campaign will focus on drawing leads conversion actions such as op-tin form fills, digital products downloads and more.

Product Sales Awareness

Creates product awareness and focus on shopping cart purchase. (Only for sites with a Google Product Feed)

Social Audience Builder

This campaign will focus on growing Facebook followers and improving page engagement.

Simple, straight forward pricing plans

Only pay for what you need to grow your business.


Monthly Ads Spend

Lite Spend


Requires $220 one time setup cost. See FAQ below.


Monthly Ads Spend

Standard Spend

Drive Foot Traffic

Requires $220 one time setup cost. See FAQ below.

Drive Foot Traffic


Monthly Ads Spend

Premium Spend


Requires $220 one time setup cost. See FAQ below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This will vary depending on the business category, geography, and market competition. Typically you will start to see results within a couple of weeks as your target audience is influenced to the desired result. Over time, not only will the volume of results increase but so will the quality of the results. You can also make periodic adjustments to your campaign.

Results can vary based off of many factors. See the “Solutions Based Sales Guide by Category” document under files for a range of results from actual campaigns by business category.

Yes! This option is only available for custom solutions plan.

No. Campaigns are audience focused and you can only speak to one audience per objective, thus one objective per campaign and one campaign per order. Campaigns will be optimized for the objective but they will report on all activities.

After submitting your order, your campaign will be live within 5 business days provided the form was completed correctly and the team doesn’t have to follow up for additional information