Why Local Search Rankings Are Important for Your Business 

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Optimizing your small business for local search rankings is more important than ever. Especially when customers are searching online for local products and services. Though the goal of local SEO is to increase online visibility for searches with local intent, many organizations do not understand what ranking elements go into how Google determines outcomes for […]

Why Business Visibility Makes a Big Difference on Your Bottom Line 

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Among the most crucial elements to your organization’s success is your business visibility. If you do not appear in front of your target audience, they will wind up picking someone else that they can find who provides the same product or service that you offer. The best way to increase your chance of obtaining customers […]

What Is Appointment Reminder Text Messaging?

Do you wish to save yourself thousands of dollars a year and increase client satisfaction? Missed appointments are not just a problem —- they’re a drag on your bottom line. They cost the US healthcare system $150B each year. And the concern of no-shows isn’t special to the healthcare market. Let’s say you run a […]

The Benefits of Using SMS Communications in a Marketing Strategy

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Why SMS communication should be included in your customer communication strategy As more companies desire to target busy customers, SMS communications has progressively become a vital part of a strong multi-channel marketing strategy. However, few digital marketing companies actually using SMS as a part of their core strategy. Therefore, the majority of businesses are missing […]